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Egypt turns to space agency to help tackle water scarcity

National authorities are hoping to put advanced technology to work to help avert a crisis

Tourists and locals gather at the Wadi Al-Rayyan to enjoy the water during the spring during the spring festival of “Sham Ennessim,” in Faiyum. Egypt faces severe water scarcity in coming years. (Photo: Getty Images)

The effects of climate change, population pressures and a regional struggle which has seen vast water resources diverted from the Nile to a dam in Ethiopia have all left Egypt rapidly approaching a state of severe water scarcity.

National authorities are now hoping to put advanced technology to work to help avert a crisis, by bringing in its space agency to revolutionize the study and sustainable management of water resources.

A cooperation agreement between the National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences and the National Water Research Center was announced on Tuesday to spearhead these efforts.

Under the deal, the agencies will join forces to develop innovative solutions for water management, including smart systems aided by aerial and ground sensors, advanced imaging and Internet of Things technologies.