Project Mangrove

Abu Dhabi plants 850,000 mangrove trees to mark COP28

The Ghars Al Emarat initiative made a commitment to plant 10 mangroves for each of the 85,000 visitors to December's United Nations conference

The mangrove trees will help absorb 170 tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually. (Photo: Abu Dhabi Media Office)

Abu Dhabi has planted 850,000 mangrove trees along the emirate’s coastal areas as part of its Ghars Al Emarat initiative to mark last year’s COP28 climate summit.

The project committed to planting 10 mangroves for each of the 85,000 visitors to the two-week United Nations conference in December that took place at the Expo City Dubai, according to a statement issued Monday.

Mangroves are hardy shrub-like trees that form dense thickets and adapt to growing in coastal saline waters.

They are a popular tourist attraction in Abu Dhabi, where kayaks, canoes and paddle boats are available for rental to let visitors explore mangrove wetlands that have become habitats for flamingos, crabs and turtles.